A Cloud Platform

to document and monitor
pharmD student's activity

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A solution that provides preceptors the clarity and understanding in clinical data of a patient for drug decision making.


MyPharmaRex gives insight on students performance from a specific day to a whole month and each case can be downloaded for presentation.


A tool to record patient case sheet and analyse the case studies based upon the pharmacy practice curriculum anytime, anywhere.

Assessment of Clinical Progress Instantly
  • Performance Statistic Report
  • Clinical Data Management Platform
  • Indian Drug Database, customized to fit your needs
  • Eliminate duplicate/repeated efforts across your institute or while training
  • Centrally update and version data to ensure access to historical/past and current cases studies
  • A holistic solution to tackle complex clinical practice by simplify data governance
  • Manage the rotational training shifts of budding clinical pharmacist
MyPharmaRex Anytime, Anywhere

The MyPharmaRex project would have lost its meaning in case we would not have introduced Mobile App for this service. We had a clear vision of providing a paperless environment to our Pharm D students to record patient data right on the bed side digitally.

Hence, MPx is made available on both the mobile operating systems (Android & iOS) for the convenience of students and faculties to record and monitor the patient data respectively.

Further, MPx being cloud based service ensures not only recording of data in a safe cloud environment but also ensures quick retrieval from anywhere and can also be used for case studies by students.

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